London can take it lyrics
London can take it lyrics

London Can Take It

Hi! Just wanted to share this fab song from London history with you.  This band are awesome and are great at mixing the old and the new. Enjoy x Lyrics to Public Service Broadcasting, London Can Take It Now it’s 8 o’clock Jerry is a little bit late tonight The dusk is deepening. Soon the … Continue reading

Kingsgate Infants

Nostalgic Christmas in London

Regent Street snowflake Christmas lights, 1955 Christmas lunch at Kingsgate Infants School, 1970. This is my favourite photo mostly because of the various expressions on these kids faces, priceless! Boys enjoying a toboggan ride in the snow on Hampstead Heath, 1969 Ice on a pond in Hampstead Heath in January 1954 Children peer into Hamleys … Continue reading

Fleet Street

A brief History of the Inns of Court at Fleet Street

Better start of with a quick description of what the Inns of Court are #justincase. All Barristers must belong to an Inns of Court. It is a professional association which acts as a hotel and office. They have a library, accommodation and canteen.. kind of like an extension of a campus University, but for extremely … Continue reading


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